Our postpartum recovery guarantee

We are proud to make a commitment to serve the mamas who planned to have a vaginal birth but ended up having an emergency or unplanned c-section.

Each purchase of the Postpartum Essentials Bundle for Vaginal Birth comes with a unique code, redeemable after birth for the two c-section recovery products in our C-section bundle, for FREE (yes really!), if you end up with delivering via c-section unexpectedly.

Vaginal birth, planned c-section, unplanned c-section… no matter what kind of birth you have, you deserve to be supported in your postpartum care.


The fine print:

  • Offer valid on any Postpartum Essentials Bundle for Vaginal Birth ordered on fourthtrimestermama.com.
  • Free products must be redeemed in the first two weeks after birth.
  • Offer only good for moms who delivered via c-section but purchased or were gifted a vaginal birth postpartum care kit from Fourth Trimester Mama.
  • Offer is not valid on care kits purchased with a coupon or other discount.
  • Questions? We encourage you to visit our FAQ page.  If your question is not answered there, email us at hello@fourthtrimestermama.com and we will be happy to help.