Our New Mama Manifesto

Our New Mama Manifesto

Recently I sat down to design our new insert card for online orders. With my big mug of tea and baby monitor close by, I opened my design apps and started doodling. My head was brimming with ideas but I kept coming back to one thought: what is the one thing I would tell any new mom? 

Without hesitation, I knew that the one thing I would tell a new mom is for her to place herself at the center of her postpartum experience. Mama, I’m talking to you! Yes, your world will revolve around your new baby, and it will feel strange, maybe even unnatural, to focus on anything but your precious new bundle. But I promise, you can meet all of your baby's needs without neglecting your own. You are important, mama.

So here is our New Mama Manifesto, five powerful promises to center your own wellbeing as you walk through the fourth trimester.

New Mom Manifesto from Fourth Trimester Mama

As a new mom, I promise to:
♡ Rest my body
♡ Be kind to myself
♡ Ask for help
♡ Soak it all in
♡ Take it one day at a time

We’ll be tucking a New Mama Manifesto card into each order starting this month, and I hope it can be a reminder for you to take care of yourself. 


PS: It’s a postcard that you can mail to a new mama friend to spread the love and support!

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