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About Fourth Trimester Mama

Postpartum recovery and breastfeeding essentials care kits

Helping moms feel better prepared for the fourth trimester.

There is so much of the postpartum period that moms can't anticipate beforehand. At Fourth Trimester Mama, we’re on a mission to help with what moms can prepare for: delivering to her the essentials she will need to ease physical recovery from childbirth, overcome common breastfeeding challenges, and weather the emotional ups and downs of being a new mother.

Our care kits are thoughtfully curated and lovingly presented.  From the bestselling, non-toxic products, to the sweetly detailed packaging, to the love letter tucked into each bundle, we strive to show mom that we are here for her.



Meet Stacy, the mama behind Fourth Trimester Mama:

Fourth Trimester Mama founder StacyAfter having two babies in two years and going through postpartum back to back, I became that friend that talks more about postpartum recovery than childbirth when someone I know gets pregnant.  I was the first of my friends to get pregnant, and the fourth trimester was not anywhere on my radar.  Somewhere between the excitement of pregnancy, the anticipation of birth, and the nesting urge to decorate the nursery, postpartum recovery just got lost in the shuffle.   It wasn't until I was pregnant with my second baby that I realized the value of preparing for what my body and emotions would go through after having a baby.  By planning ahead, I felt better cared for physically and emotionally during a time when I didn't have the energy to focus on anything other than my newborn.  As I recovered, I felt a strong desire to help pregnant women better prepare for their postpartum recoveries... and Fourth Trimester Mama was born.