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Reusable Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Reusable Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

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Waterproof pouch

Three pairs of absorbent, washable nursing pads (6 pads total) that are soothing on your skin and gentle on the planet.

Comes with a waterproof carrying bag to take pads with you on the go.

Made with natural, effective, and high quality fabrics:

♡ Organic bamboo layer is antimicrobial and fast-absorbing; place this side against your skin
♡ Inner layer is highly absorbent to soak up leaks
♡ Pad is lined with waterproof PUL to prevent leaking through to your bra
♡ Minky fabric is the same soft material many baby blankets are made from and ensures your nursing pad stays in place against your bra

Each pad is 4.5 inches in diameter to provide ample coverage and ensure you are well protected from leaks.

These pads are super absorbent and fantastic for light and medium leakers. They are not recommended for overnight wear if you are a heavy leaker.

Colors: Choose from Indigo (Blue), Fern (Green), Orchid (Fuchsia), or Mixed for one pair of each color.

Care instructions: Wash nursing pads in lingerie bag on delicate cycle, tumble dry low or hang to dry.  Wash the waterproof carrying bag separately, by hand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews

SO soft and comfortable nursing pads! Feel GREAT on my nips and super absorbent! Thank you so much for helping make nursing that much better!


I like it! Just wish they were a little bigger. 1" wider, maybe 2"


Beautiful, soft, and the carrying bag is perfect! Haven't used them yet, but they look very sturdy.


These breast pads are nice and big and very soft and absorbent! I've been using them for the past few days and they work well for catching any letdown between or during nursing sessions. I also appreciate the minky fabric on the back which keeps them in place a bit better than some of the other reusable pads I was given. I would definitely recommend these to any nursing mama.


Excellent quality and very soft. This is a gift.