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NICU Mama Affirmation Cards


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A set of 10 positive affirmations to remind a NICU mama that she is strong, and that she will get through this tough phase of her motherhood journey.

Affirmations include:
"I can lean on others around me… I am not alone"
"I am doing enough"
"My baby is a fighter... so am I"
...and more

Cards are 4x5.5 in, printed on premium heavy card stock.

How to use your NICU Mama affirmation cards:

♥ Read through the cards daily as part of your self-care routine

♥ Keep cards out while you pump for your baby (if you are pumping)

♥ Use cards as bookmarks in any baby books you are reading

♥ Grab a card anytime you feel frustrated, sad, or overwhelmed

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