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NICU Mama Affirmations

NICU Mama Affirmations

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This soothing and warm deck of 20 affirmation cards (printed front and back) holds 40 uplifting messages to remind the NICU mama that she is strong, and that she will get through this tough phase of her motherhood journey.

Life in the NICU can be overwhelming, scary, and full of uncertainty. These affirmations are designed to help the mama who is going through this experience feel hopeful, feel supported, and find joy and resilience in her story.


To get the most out of the NICU Mama Affirmations:

♡ Read through the cards daily as part of your mental health self-care routine

♡ Keep cards out while you pump for your baby (if you are pumping)

♡ Grab a card anytime you feel frustrated, sad, or overwhelmed

♡ Choose one card each morning to focus on and set the tone for the day


Durable and easy-to-disinfect cards made for new motherhood and NICU life:

♡ 20 cards, printed with unique messages on both sides for 40 total affirmations

♡ Printed on premium quality 350gsm heavyweight stock with a velvety soft finish

♡ Featuring soothing neutral tone designs babies will love to look at too

♡ Each card measures 4in x 5in

♡ Waterproof and rip-proof, with rounded edges

♡ Wipe clean and sanitize as needed

How do affirmation cards work?

Our inner voice has incredible power over how we experience life every day.  When the messages we feed ourselves are positive and affirming, we are more confident and calm when facing challenges that come our way.  Many moms have relied on birth affirmations to help them manage labor and build confidence that their bodies can handle childbirth.  The NICU Mama Affirmations are a similar tool to support new moms embarking on the NICU journey with their babies - to help her tap into a deep reservoir of inner strength and resilience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Got this for a good friend and new mama and she said it made her emotional (in a good way)! Thank you!


Beautifully packaged, appears to be great quality and will make an excellent gift for my NICU mama friend! Personalized note was a thoughtful touch as well 😊


I got this as a gift for someone and it was great. She loved it


Gift for some friends who had a NICU baby - they loved it!


Purchased for a friend whose first baby as in the NICU, she loved the cards!